Adult Choir

Anyone interested in the Adult Choir who is not currently a part of the program may attend a rehearsal on Wednesday evenings after worship to find out more about serving in our worship choir. You do not have to be an accomplished soloist or be able to read music to join, and there is no audition required for membership in the choir.  The Adult Choir is a large group with a warm, accepting, family atmosphere where you can experience inspirational worship as well as encouragement and prayer support.
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How do I become a member of the Worship Choir?

Simply come to our next rehearsal on Wednesdays at 7:30pm in the Santuary.  Our staff and members will gladly assist you in finding the materials you need and a good seat in the appropriate section.  You may begin singing in the Sunday services after your first rehearsal if you feel comfortable doing so.  This is a personal choice, and we want you to do what is most comfortable and enjoyable for you.  Membership in the Worship Choir is open to all who are 16 years old and older.  No audition is necessary.

What is the attendance expectation? 

I will not give unto the Lord that which costs me nothing.  – 1 Samuel 24:24

Faithful attendance is encouraged and expected at all rehearsals, worship services and special events.  Obviously our goal should be 100%, but we understand that there will be circumstances from time to time that will cause you to miss a rehearsal or service.  Therefore, 80% ought to be the minimum goal.  If you have a special challenge with your schedule, simply share that with our Minister of Music.  His heart is to involve as many people as possible at the very best level they can serve.

When and where are rehearsals?

You may join us on Wednesdays from 7:30pm until 8:45pm in the Sanctuary.  Pick up your music, newsletter, prayer request sheets and other materials on the tables at the front.  Rehearsals are a special time of worship as well as a time of musical and spiritual preparation.  There is an incredible fellowship in this family of faith, and we have a great time each week!

When does the Worship Choir sing?

We sing during our worship services each Sunday at 10:30am, and Wednesday at 6:30pm.  We also sing for special events like Revivals, Special Concerts, and other special events.  Our major events include:

  • The Annual Christmas Production
    This is a full dramatic, evangelistic musical production presented in December in which our choir, orchestra and drama cast all join forces to present a glorious presentation of the Gospel. This includes every age bracket in our church!
  • Easter Sunday
    This is an incredible morning of gospel music and worship.  We begin at Sunrise on the front porch, then have a full breakfast, Sunday School then our premiere worship.

What does the Worship Choir wear?

For our Sunday worship services, we wear appropriate Sunday attire.  No jeans, shorts, t-shirts or tank tops.  For our seasonal events, we wear formal outfits.

What time does the Worship Choir warm up?

The choir warms up 15 minutes prior to each service.  On Sunday mornings, that means 10:15am and meets in the old choir room, now the Youth room.  On Wednesday evenings, we meet at 6:15pm for the 6:30pm service in the sanctuary.

Most music is memorized, with words being on the choir tele prompt.